Aims and Vision at Treetops

The aims of Treetops

The staff at Treetops work together to develop each child’s sense of independence and confidence, as we carefully consider the needs of each child, in terms of ability, communication, self-awareness and anxiety levels. Pupils with Autism need concrete experiences of everyday encounters we take for granted, such as life skills and self-awareness. Our aim offers small group teaching, whilst being able to access important learning opportunities, while still working towards the National Curriculum expectations. Through this programme, we hope to lessen the pupils’ vulnerability.

At Treetops, we aim to:

  • develop a positive and independent approach to learning for our pupils;

  • provide relevant and stimulating lessons, which are intrinsically motivating;

  • provide a safe, caring and friendly environment,

  • develop independence, social and communication skills;

  • value others, their thoughts and ideas;

  • use the pupil’s strengths and interests to motivate and engage them in learning new experiences;

  • enable the pupils to take responsibility for, and address their autistic behaviours;

  • use early intervention, whenever possible.

 The ethos and vision of Treetops

The Treetops setting values each pupil for their individuality. It looks to encourage and engage the pupils in all social, communication and academic activities that take place at Treetops, and throughout the rest of West Wimbledon Primary School. The Treetops team respects the pupils for who they are, and embrace their strengths and challenges alike.

In Treetops we:

  • encourage pupils to achieve their own potential and to develop an inherent need to learn and participate in school life;

  • work together as a cohesive team, where we are able to share successes and challenges for the ongoing development of the school;

  • provide a safe, secure and positive environment, where development and progression are carefully and jointly planned within a multidisciplinary team consisting of: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Parents/Carers, Educational Psychologists, as necessary, and Speech and Language Therapists;

  • implemented interventions and monitor and evaluate them in a cyclical process;

  • promote effective and supportive relationships with parents, carers, school staff and other professionals involved with our pupils;

  • work in partnership with all those involved with the pupils to ensure consistency;

  • provide, as needed, an ongoing education for parents and staff through workshops and training sessions;

    • Use visual supports;

    • Encourage our pupils to have fun!

Treetops envisages a bright future for our pupils – functioning as successful, purposeful and happy members of society.