Albatross (Treetops)

Miss Lea and Miss Kosy welcome you to Albatross class.

We are one of the KS2 classes in Treetops. Our approach to teaching and learning focuses on delivering a tailored learning experience to meet the needs of every member of the class, through a stimulating and exciting Creative Curriculum. This means that we will be making links between subjects by creating tactile and experiential learning experiences, based around a theme. This style of learning gives children plenty of opportunities to investigate questions in depth, helps them to build into being confident and independent thinkers, and problem solvers.  Our lessons are appropriately differentiated by making use of a wide range of individualised resources to make learning fun and accessible.

In order to support children’s learning, self-help skills and independence, Albatross class have a daily routine reinforced by a visual timetable and TEACCH. We also use a visual approach, individual workstations, a group area to learn and the sensory room.

Reading remains a key focus in supporting the children’s growth towards becoming fluent readers combined with frequent shared story-times and weekly guided reading to aid comprehension.

A collaborative approach to learning is achieved by working with a range of therapists, parents/carers, teachers, TA’s and other professionals, to set up individual targets and ensure that pupils are working on what is most important to them.

The children participate in many different activities including horse riding, swimming, social skills, speech therapy sessions and art therapy to help support and manage their learning and behaviour.

To improve the children’s social skills, promote friendships and develop a sense of whole school community, we spend time in a mainstream inclusion such as PE, school assemblies, and trips. Inclusion can differ according each child’s needs.