Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance expectations at West Wimbledon Primary School

It is vital that children attend school every day, and only ever miss time if illness or other unforeseen circumstances make it completely impossible for them to come in. The expectation at West Wimbledon Primary School is clear: that every child is in school every day. Whilst there will be those rare circumstances where a child is just too unwell to come in to school, and that is understood, we do urge parents to send their child in whenever they are well enough to attend and are not at risk of passing on germs or infections to others.

If your child is not well enough to come to school, please telephone the office by 9.30AM, to inform them of the reason for absence and when your child is expected to return to school.

The School would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that family holidays that involve taking children out of school, are not to be taken during term time. There are twelve full weeks a year when children are not at school and the expectation is that that is when family holidays should take place. 

Whilst it is appreciated that many flights and holidays are substantially cheaper during term-time, West Wimbledon, like other Merton schools, cannot give permission for children to be absent during term time. Parents who choose to take their child out of school for a holiday need to know that the time missed from school will be recorded as unauthorised absence or “truancy”, and that this stays on their child’s record.

More information is available on the Gov.UK website.

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Our full attendance policy may be viewed here.