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Writer of the Week – 01.12.17

This lovely piece of creative writing was produced by Leo in Redwing class (Year 2) The Arctic Attacker has antlers and a tail to keep it warm with tusks to fight. With antlers to attack and wings to fly higher than any bird. With humps to store water and claws to step on the ice. With a long dotted mouth.  

Writer of the Week – 24.11.17

A beautiful, descriptive piece by Mya, in Year 4. As she parked her flying chair that was light as a feather along the bank of River Koh, a dark, ominous, black shadow lurked over her. Suddenly, Zendraya felt a gush of freezing, cold air. The wind stabbed her cheek like icicles. Then, out of nowhere, a giant, colossal spaceship landed a few centimetres before her! Trembling, she took a few steps backwards into the boiling sun that felt like

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Writer of the Week – 17.11.17

Here is a piece by Maisie, in Year 6 It is a factual piece, about the writer, C. S. Lewis. C. S. Lewis was a famous author who wrote the Narnia chronicles. Life as a child Clive Staples Lewis (his full name) was born on the 29th November, 1898. At the age of 4 his dog, Jacksie, died and since then he was known to his friends as family as ‘Jack’. Sadly at the age

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