The nursery team would like to wish the all children a warm welcome to Wren class! This term we will be helping the children settle in and for our first topic, “My Holidays” we will be finding out and talking about the wonderful activities everyone got up to during the summer holidays. They will be painting pictures, making booklets and re-enacting their adventures in the role play area. In our next topic “All About Me”, the children will be drawing pictures of themselves and naming the different parts of our bodies. Next we will be learning and talking about each other’s families and the different kinds of houses we all live in. We will be sharing the book Goldilocks and discussing the type of house that the family of bears live in. As the days get shorter we will be learning about the Autumn and focussing on our topics of “Light and Dark”. Finally, we will end the first half term learning about the “Winter” and “Christmas”.