Class placement of twins and multiple children from a single birth

West Wimbledon Primary School adopts a flexible and informed approach to decisions about separating twins/multiple children at school, which takes into account the characteristics and experiences of each twin/multiple as well as the views of the parents.  The School acknowledges that the best way to foster individuality is always to treat the children as individuals from the start.  If there are specific concerns backed by supporting facts, the twins/multiple children should be taught in one class. The School accepts that any decision to separate the twins/multiple children within the first few years of school should be taken with care and involve planning and review.

With those guiding principles in mind, the School’s default position in talking to parents in deciding class placements for new admissions to West Wimbledon Primary School, is as follows:

 For Nursery intake:

To place twins/multiple children in either the same or different classes (where possible), based primarily on the views and opinions of the parent(s).

For entry into Reception and Years 1-6:

To place twins/multiple children in separate classes (where possible), unless there are strong and cogent views and opinions from the parent(s) to the contrary.