Team and event selection

Sports events are an important part of the West Wimbledon Primary School Physical Education programme. In the past, events have included District Athletics, Challenge Run, Key Steps Gymnastics, Football, Tag Rugby, Swimming Galas and Basketball.

Sports events can help pupils to develop skills in physical activity and team work, and build self-confidence and ability in the Physical Education domain. Events can also build school spirit and pride via staff, pupils and the wider school community working together to achieve one goal.

Some sports events, particularly those where there is an element of competition, often require a process of pupil selection. This may be due to limits on the number of pupil places available for a specific event and/or for appropriate event allocation. West Wimbledon Primary School follows a series of guidelines to ensure the selection process is always fair and transparent.

The School realises that it may be disappointing not to be selected for a match or team event, which is why we try to arrange additional team fixtures across the school and with other local schools.


  • Our experienced and professional staff will use their expertise to select the most appropriate teams to represent the school against any given opposition;
  • All pupils participating in such events must meet and display the participation requirements, which include: commitment to attendance at clubs, a positive attitude, the required kit or equipment and requisite ability;
  • Pupils will be well informed of the selection process for all events;
  • Pupils successfully chosen for teams must meet the criteria outlined to all pupils prior to the team selection;
  • Pupils may be replaced or not selected should they display behaviours during school hours/club time, which is not in line with the School’s behaviour policy;
  • Parents and members of the wider community are encouraged to be actively involved in the logistics of sporting events.

The School hopes that parents support us in this policy. Where a child is keen to participate, but is not chosen, s/he ought to be encouraged to continue to come to practise, to enjoy what they do, participate and never give up!  Where a child is regularly chosen to compete, it is important to help her/him to understand that it is a privilege to represent West Wimbledon Primary School.


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