Kingfisher (Treetops)

In Kingfisher class we have really enjoyed settling in to our new classroom and adjusting to the new changes: friends,  teachers and routine.
We have both an Art Therapist and a Speech and Language therapist come to visit once a week providing structured activities. We also get to go swimming and horse-riding every week.
Our Focus in Maths this term is on number recognition and counting. We will do this through songs, games and sensory activities.
We are looking at rhymes and stories in literacy whilst learning phonics. This is helping us to develop our skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and spelling. We love to learn through songs we can join in with.
We will also be learning about the changing seasons through the world around us. We will be doing lots of fun activities throughout the year that will help with their learning.
Kingfisher Team – Miss Verdu, Mrs Moore and Miss Kinney