Late collection of children at the end of the School day

Governors introduced a Collection of children from School policy in the Summer term of 2015,  which deals with what will happen in those rare situations where children are not collected within fifteen minutes of the end of the day and/or remain uncollected beyond that.

The policy may be found here. The School wishes to thank the vast majority of parents who continue to ensure that children are collected promptly at the end of the School day, as this then enables staff to attend training, meetings and carry out essential marking and lesson preparation after school.

In essence, this policy reminds parents of the appropriate times to collect children at the end of the School day but, in the event of a second failure to do so, introduces a charging structure. It also restates the School’s safeguarding duty actively to consider a referral to Merton’s Social Care team, if – despite several attempts – no contact has been made with a parent within 45 minutes of the usual collection time of 4.00 pm.

It is our hope that the clear expectations and processes laid out within this policy will continue to support an even better and smoother end to each school day, and ensure that fewer children are subject to the distress that must be caused by the late arrival of someone they were expecting to come to collect them.