Writer of the Week – 17.11.17

Here is a piece by Maisie, in Year 6 It is a factual piece, about the writer, C. S. Lewis. C. S. Lewis was a famous author who wrote the Narnia chronicles. Life as a child Clive Staples Lewis (his full name) was born on the 29th November, 1898. At the age of 4 his dog, Jacksie, died and since then he was known to his friends as family as ‘Jack’. Sadly at the age

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Writer of the Week

Congratulations to our very first Writer of the Week: Sofia in Goldfinch class As I looked out of my red bedroom window, I saw a shadowy river. Then, I felt bored in my bed so I slowly made my way out. I tiptoed across the road and I saw a shiny boat. I climbed in and sailed off. Soon, I came to a farm when I was sailing in my colourful, pink boat. I noticed

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