expanded-mindThe School introduced Philosophy in September 2014, and this year, every child in Year 4 has an hour a week of  Philosophy, timetabled as part of their curriculum. These sessions allow the children the time and the space to explore and celebrate the excitement of sharing questions, ideas, experiences and values, and help them shape their own answers to some of the oldest questions human beings have asked one another.

The sessions are designed to develop and enrich the ways children think, using opportunities for careful and structured dialogue with others. As recent research indicates, the practice of teaching philosophy to children has been shown to be highly effective in promoting enquiring minds and enhancing children’s capacity to think rationally.

Here is some feedback from last year’s (Years 4 and 5) philosophers:

Philosophy will:

“help you develop your thinking skills and allow your mind to get used to solving complex questions.”  – Minhyuk

 “will blow your mind and make you never want to go back you your class.”  – Amirah

 “make you understand the art of your mind and stretch your imagination and knowledge.”  – Sam

 “stretch your brain and make your question everything a lot more.”  – Rowan


From our philosophy sessions, I have learnt:

“to think things out really carefully and logically, although logic doesn’t always help.”  – Helena

 “to think hard about things and now I think more widely.”  – Noah

 “there is not always a right or wrong answer but there are sometimes only solutions, and different opinions.”  – Gurpreet

 “I am not sure I have learnt anything: however, Philosophy has opened up my true potential.”  – Bruce


How philosophy sessions have changed my thinking:

“it has made my common sense better.”  – Luke

 “because I have been able to prove that “nothing” and “empty” don’t exist.”  – Edi

 “by helping me to understand how the simplest things can turn out to be really complex.” Anna

 “by not being an education, but more a training of the mind.”  – Gurpreet


 Philosophy is:

“a way of having a different perspective on things, and looking at them from lots of different angles.” – Ella

 “the most mind-blowing, life-changing, reality-flipping, awesome, brain-melting moments in my life.”  – Hunbal

 “fun and challenging but also brain-frying.”  – Weixi

 “It hurts my head but every philosophy session I learn something new and exciting.” Mark

 “A mind-boggling session which will change the way you see things.”  – Enomfon