School Council

Our School Council

The School Council at West Wimbledon Primary School enables the children to have a say in the running of their school. In this way, our children have a greater sense of belonging, become more confident when putting forward ideas and develop a greater understanding of the need to work co-operatively for the good of others.

Over the past year, our School Council has been working very successfully with the Peer Mentors.

Our School Council comprises children from Years 1 to 6. Each member of our School Council is elected by their class. Therefore, they represent the views of their class at the meeting, and feedback to their class the discussion points that were addressed at each meeting.

The School Council regularly attends the School’s Senior Leadership Team, to make suggestions and raise concerns and also attends part of the School’s Full Governing Body meetings. The Council is led by the children, for the children and is chaired by a child in Year 6. For the first time, the Council now has a budget that it administers.

The School Council meets every week to discuss ways in which to improve the school. Decisions are then fed back to each class, by the School Council Representatives, and any issues that arise are discussed at the following meeting. West Wimbledon Primary School benefits from having a School Council, as we can be sure our children have a way of telling us what they want. The School Council has brought about many changes in our school that help all of our children.

 Recent accomplishments include:

  • Peer Mentoring System;

  • Improved lunchtime and play experiences, by way of feedback via a Suggestion Box in the main hall;

  • Involvement in discussions relating to how the children feel about their classroom and playtime experience and how it can be improved further, if necessary;

  • Worry Box in every classroom;

  • Sponsorship of a boy from Senegal;

  • Set up of ‘Friendship Stops’ around the school playground;

  • Improved school meals by holding meetings with the catering company, and giving our suggestions on different menu choices;

  • Taken part in fundraising activities. All proceeds have been given to different charities;

  • The School Council has attended the Merton Children’s Council Meeting. Merton Children’s Council is open to children and gives our pupils the opportunity to discuss important issues and influence what happens in the Borough and beyond. The Merton Children’s Council have worked with many different organisations, in an attempt to increase and model democracy and support the borough’s vision of ‘working together’;

  • Awarded with the ‘Make a Difference Challenge’.