School self-evaluation and our plans to be an outstanding school

As is the case with most schools in Merton, West Wimbledon Primary School undertakes an annual cycle of review of performance, before developing – with Governors – its strategic plans for the future year.

Last year’s self-evaluation document provided a detailed assessment of what the School had so far achieved, and what it might do even better and, from it, a School Development Plan was drawn up. Governors adopted the plan, and the progress of each action is monitored closely at each Full Governing Body meeting.

School Development Plan – Monitoring report – June 2016

This year’s plan was again developed following a Governors’ Strategic Planning afternoon in October and has now been adopted by the Full Governing Body. It may be viewed by following the link, below.

School Development Plan – 2016-17

Again, it will be monitored, in detail, at each Full Governing Body meeting this academic year.

Click here for the monitoring update, provided to Governors at the start of March 2017.