Treetops: Base for Autism


Our school is fortunate enough to include a Base for children with Autism which we call Treetops. Admissions to Treetops are entirely separate from places in the main school – and made are through Merton’s Special Educational Needs Admissions Team, and not the School – but the children in our Base are full members of our school community.

Treetops is our provision for pupils who have a diagnosis of Autism at West Wimbledon Primary School. It provides a structured environment that is modified and inclusive.

The staff team strives to give the pupils the maximum level of independence that they can achieve. They use a range of structured methods, including PECs, TEACCH and Makaton, as needed, to support the pupils to realise their full potential. The staff team uses Art Therapy as regular therapeutic intervention, which balance curricular demands. The pupils also go swimming and horse riding once a week.

Treetops has a visiting speech and language therapist, who works onsite with the pupils for two days every week. The Speech and Language Therapist and staff liaise closely regarding the pupils’ targets. Parents are sent a copy of the child’s speech targets so that they can support language development at home too. The Speech and Language Therapist can, in addition, offer parents or guardians support, for example, establishing the PECs system at home.

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