Uniform List

School uniform is compulsory for all children at our school. All school logo items are available for purchase at The Clothes Line, 368 Grand Drive, London SW20 9NQ.


Opening days and times

Tuesdays to Fridays 9am to 5pm

Saturdays 9am to 3pm (January only) thereafter 9am to 5pm

Sundays and Mondays CLOSED

The shop’s complete list of West Wimbledon Primary School stock may be viewed here.

Second Hand uniform is available from time to time at sales organised by parent volunteers.

Jumpers and cardigans

All children must have a school logo jumper or a school logo cardigan. Both are burgundy in colour.

Polo shirts

We prefer the children to wear the school logo burgundy polo shirt


Trousers and shorts

Plain grey trousers should be worn by boys. During the summer term and up to the half term break in October, boys may choose to wear plain grey shorts if they prefer.


Skirts, trousers and dresses

Girls may choose either plain grey trousers, skirts, culottes or pinafore dresses. Parents are reminded that skirts and dresses need to be an appropriate and decent length. Further, many girls enjoy many climbing and play activities that require ease of movement. Please do consider this when choosing the style of skirt or dress to be worn. Some girls who like to wear skirts also choose to wear shorts underneath.

During the summer term and up to the half term break in October, girls may choose to wear a red check summer dress.

Book bags

Book bags are a compulsory element of our uniform. They protect our school books and are a communication tool. We send letters to and from home in every child’s book bag. Please check your child’s book bag everyday so that you stay informed about our school life.

PE Kit

For both boys and girls the following items are required. Please bring PE Kits to school in a school logo PE bag. PE kits will be left in school for each half term.

Plain white T-shirt or polo shirt

Plain navy blue/black shorts or jogging trousers

Plain black plimsolls

Please avoid brand logo items as much as possible.


Plain black, sensible shoes are required. Shoes with buckles or Velcro fastenings are preferred. Neither ballet pumps, sandals nor trainers – even if they are black trainers – will be acceptable, even in the Summer months.

Please ensure that all items of clothing are marked with your child’s name.

School logo hats, fleeces and jackets are also available but are not compulsory items of uniform.

We will return lost items if they are named. We cannot return unnamed items and you will have to replace them.