Writer of the Week

Congratulations to our very first Writer of the Week: Sofia in Goldfinch class

As I looked out of my red bedroom window, I saw a shadowy river. Then, I felt bored in my bed so I slowly made my way out. I tiptoed across the road and I saw a shiny boat. I climbed in and sailed off.

Soon, I came to a farm when I was sailing in my colourful, pink boat. I noticed some animals inside and next to me. I watched as the farm owner got the animals inside to eat. I stopped my boat to see a friendly, cute sheep. I went back into my boat and sailed off.

When I sailed, it turned to sunlight outside and at that time I came to China. When I got off, I wondered why it was so hot? Then I thought, it is because it was near the equator. So, I went to have some fun at the park.

After, I came to the beach. I saw how sunny it was and said, ‘Wow! What a sunny day out here! So, I quickly jumped out of the boat and got some things out. I got my umbrella and relaxed for a minute. Then, I thought for a second and jumped back into the boat. When I sailed down, back on the way home, I suddenly saw myself in my bed and when I looked out I still saw the boat that I had sailed on.