Year 1 – Mandarin Duck

Welcome to Year 1 Mandarin Duck Class
The children have all made a fantastic start to the year and are enjoying being independent and learning new routines. We have been very impressed with their eagerness to come into school every morning and the way in which they have adapted to their new classroom environments.
Our Learning
Our topic this half term is ‘Marvellous Me’ and the children have been busy thinking about the things that make them special and their features. In science we have been learning the names for the different parts of the body and making our own giant skeleton pictures based on the story ‘Funnybones’. We have been very interested to find out that there are 206 bones in the human body! We will also be learning about our senses and will even do some food tasting to help us identify different tastes such as sweet, sour and salty.
Towards the end of the half term we will think about the seasons and will start to identify some of the features of Autumn by going on an ‘Autumn Hunt’ around the school. We hope to collect lots of lovely natural objects for our Autumn table so if you find any conkers, pine cones or beautiful leaves at home please bring them into school!
In Mathematics we have been focusing on counting, ordering and writing numbers. We have also been practicing our addition skills and have been learning to count on from the larger number in ones. A key focus this half term will be learning pairs of numbers which total 10 and 20 off by heart. We will start by using cubes and counters to model this so that the children really understand the concept of number bonds.
Some practical suggestions for Maths activities at home: 1)Roll a dice and add both numbers together

2)Give your child some simple word problems to solve, for example ‘If I have 5 sweets and my friend has 2, how many do we have altogether?’ 

3)Practise writing one-digit and two-digit numbers in sand or glitter 

4)Collect some Autumn objects (conkers, leaves) and count and sort them 

5)Count out the coins you need to pay for a small item in a shop 

6)Set up a role play shop and pay using different coins

Homework and daily reading:
Homework will be sent home with your child every Wednesday in a folder. This will usually consist of one piece of Maths and one piece of English although we may also provide a topic based activity too. We collect homework in the following Tuesday but your child can bring completed homework back to school whenever they are ready.
In addition to homework we would like to ask that you try to read with your child as often as possible at home. Children in Year 1 are able to change their reading book as often as they like so please do take advantage of this! Even if you have not been able to read with your child we would still ask that you send them to school with their Reading Diary every day so that we are able to record in it whenever we read with your child at school. We will be running a meeting on phonics for Year 1 parents and carers in the second half of the Autumn Term, so do look out for the date in a future newsletter.
We have been reading about Elmer the elephant and have been creating a big collage of Elmer together. It’s going to look great in our wall!