Year 4 – Firecrest

Mrs. Chauncey, Mrs. Ravindran (our fantastic Teaching Assistants), Mrs Van and I are very pleased with the way the children have arrived back at school well rested and ready to start the new academic year. To kick-start the class ethos, we began the year by forming our class rules, learning about Firecrest and what makes them so special (both, the birds and the children!). The children have also started to research and learn a lot about our class groups: continents (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa). This term our main topic is ‘Italy’. Through this topic we will be covering Geography, Art (looking at Michelangelo, Leonardo De Vinci) and also carry out some fiction and nonfiction writing in English. Year 4 team is also linking the theme to our Science topic, States of Matter by making our own volcanoes and ending the term with a visit to the Natural History museum which has a special exhibition on Volcanoes and earthquakes!! In Numeracy place value concepts will be secured and to keep the Italy theme going we will also work on Roman numerals  In our PE lessons, we are very lucky to have a coach from Fulham football club coming into school on Monday mornings. We are also excited for our swimming lessons which will be held on Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure that the children have the correct kit in school for both PE lessons.
Homework  Please read with your children regularly. Many of the children in Year 4 are able readers but frequent practice and discussion of books will help them with their comprehension. This is a key skill to help children in Year 4 move forward in their learning.  The children will be receiving spelling homework every Monday. They will be given the ‘look, copy, cover and write’ sheets in order to assist them with this. Pupils will be tested the following Monday.  The children will be sent home with a homework folder and book. Every Wednesday they will receive either Maths or English homework. Please ensure that you read through the task with your child before Friday so that we can explain anything they don’t understand before the weekend. The homework is collected in on Monday.
We are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to teach such a lovely set of children. Firecrest are working hard to win the coveted 100% attendance cup. Please make sure children come to school and are on time. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
Best Wishes Mrs. Harish