Year 5 – Kestrel

Welcome to Kestrel Class – Autumn Term 2016.

Kestrel class have made a great start to the new academic year. We’ve already started celebrating class birthdays as the children move into their double-digit years!
Talking of digits, we have been looking at Place Value in Mathematics and they have had their first piece of homework to consolidate this learning. This will be extended in the next few lessons to look at fractions and decimals; and then multiplying by 10, 100, 1000, etc. Please use recommended mathematical websites to consolidate their basic numeracy skills.
It’s been wonderful hearing about their Summer Holidays and looking at some of the souvenirs they brought back with them – including a beautiful piece of corral from Barbados!
We’ve all listened intently as your children have talked about themselves and shared with us objects that are of great importance to them. There were some amazing History books to look at as well as a beautifully illustrated ‘Maps of the World’ book. We hope to view this book again when we begin our Topic work on Modern Greece.
We will be exploring the Solar System in Science and the children have already come up with some interesting questions which we may or may not be able to answer: “Is there life on other planets?” “Are the stars in the night sky still there during the day?”
Pupils have been carrying out some research on their Table Names: Medusa, Pegasus, Cyclops, Minotaurs and Trojan Horses so that they can present a group talk on Greek Mythology later this term.
Pupils have been given their first Spelling homework and they will be tested on these words every Monday. Please encourage them to look at these words daily. Homework is also given out every Wednesday to be handed in on Monday. It will alternate between English and Mathematics – so English will be every fortnight etc.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to your children reading and I hope you have received the reward stickers sent home to you via your children! Please remind them to write down any new or ‘tricky’ words they come across so we can work on them in class.
It’s been lovely meeting you all and will no doubt get to know you and your children better as the year continues.
Ms Sergiou